Mission and History

Data Resource Protection’s mission is to provide the best available software security products and services to the enterprise, small business and individuals to address their information security requirements. We will search for and partner with the best well established security products and service providers as a reseller to offer our clients. We will also look for new emerging cyber security technology companies to partner with and assist them in establishing their market position. Security challenges are ever changing and we will stay vigilant in our pursuit of uncovering the best available data security solutions.

Data Resource Protection is currently partnered with IBM, Tech Data and Cybereason.

Data Resource Protection has been providing innovative Data Security solutions since 1985. DRP is the developer of SoftLock the IBM compatible PC DOS disk and file access control and encryption security product. SoftLock was the first software solution that prevented booting an operating system from an external source to bypass the password protected drive.


Founder and CEO

Jim Kingsbury, Data Resource Protection’s CEO and founder has been actively involved throughout his career in the development, marketing and sales of enterprise security, operating system, and network software products. He is focused on the current information security environment and leads the way in researching the developing approaches to data security and access control looking for new solutions to offer our clients.